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CBSE to introduce English novels from class IX

The Central Board of Secondary Education is aiming to foster reading habits in students by introducing novels for classes IX-XII. With this attempt, more emphasis will be laid on teaching language skills rather than merely providing verbose notes which makes studies monotonous and mundane.

This attempt of CBSE would nurture reading habits among students of Classes XI and XII as well as among students who are a part of the Formative Assessment in CCE of Classes IX and X.

As per the revised guidelines of the curriculum in English language, CBSE has introduced the following novels for students of Classes IX to XII (w.e.f. 2012-13 for classes IX and XI and w.e.f. 2013-14 for classes X and XII)

Class Class IX Class X Class XI Class XII
English Communicative (Code 101)English Language & Literature (Code 184) English Communicative (Code 101)English Language & Literature (Code 184) English Core (Code 301) English Core (Code 301)
Name of the Book Prescribe Gulliver’s Travels the Book (2005 edition) by Jonathan SwiftOR

Three Men in a Boat (1889 edition) by Jerome. K. Jerome

Diary of a Young Girl (1947 edition) by Anne FrankOR

The Story of My Life (1903 edition) by Helen Keller

The Canterville Ghost (1906 edition) by Oscar WildeOR

Up from Slavery( 2000 edition) by Booker T. Washington

Hounds of Baskerville (1902) Arthur Conan DoyleOR

Lord of Flies 1954) William Golding

As per the guidelines, out of the two novels prescribed at each level, every school has the option to choose and teach students either of the two novels for the sake of examination. All the novels would be introduced in expanded form.

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Exam Tips for English (Class 10)

Hello students,

It’s time to give a final touch to your preparation for the upcoming examination. Scoring good marks in English needs systematic preparation, conceptual clarity in grammar and revision before the exams. Given the time constraint, your syllabus is huge and needs a quick glance before you enter that examination hall. It is the time to ruminate and review on whatever you have learnt till date. To help you in this process, we would like to share with you some tips through a few articles on English.

Hope our contribution helps you in scoring the best!

The Question paper is divided into four sections:

Section A : Reading 20 Marks

Section B : Writing 20 Marks

Section C : Grammar 20 Marks

Section D : Literature 20 Marks

We are providing some sure-shot preparation strategies which would ensure you good marks.

To tackle questions of English grammar section, you need to go through all the solved exercises that you have done throughout this second term

You should, again and again, revise the rules of certain important topics such as articles, reported speech, active and passive voice, transitive and intransitive verbs, modals, etc.

– Memorise the formats of formal and informal letters, e-mails, notice writing, biosketch, debate, speech, etc.

– Go through the summaries thoroughly to get a good grip on all the lessons of the textbooks.

– Jot down the most important poetic devices and figures of speech used in various texts of your syllabus.

– You are advised to take a mock test on your own by randomly selecting a sample test paper.

– During the test, do not take any break in between and adhere to the rules followed in the examination hall.

– If any confusion crops up in the mind then feel free to post your queries to us.

Practise to become perfect in time management to avoid losing time unnecessarily. Always answer to the point and according to the marks assigned to each question. You might lose out on long answer questions while going into details in the short answer type questions.

We would like to share with you the importance of preparation through a quote which says:

Preparation. There is no substitute for it. You can have the most talent in the world and be beaten by a lack of preparation. So regardless of your talent level, whether you are a 1 or a 10, make your preparation a 10.”

Good Luck ! 🙂

Team Meritnation

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