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Excel in class XII boards to realize your IIT dream

The latest update on the IITs vs the Education Ministry impasse is that there is now a consensus between the two. The education ministry proposed a selection criterion wherein your class XII Board exam results can either make or break your dreams of making into the prestigious IITs. Yes, you now have to be among the top 20% of the rankers in your respective boards to be able to make it to the premier institute.

The new selection criterion that comprises a common entrance test to be conducted at two levels – Main and Advanced – has received a positive response from the IIT chiefs. You now have to appear for only one exam to determine your future in the field of engineering. The Main exam, to be held at least a month before the Advanced level will be open to all. You have to be among the top 1.5 lakh rankers to be eligible to sit for the Advanced exam. The final IIT merit list will be determined on the basis of the marks you get in the Advanced exam plus your class XII board exam marks. Therefore, you have to do very well at school to realize your IIT dream.
This decision will greatly diminish the deep-rooted dependency that students have on private coaching institutes, who charted out their own syllabus. This parallel tutoring put immense pressure on the already overworked student leading to a situation where the aspirant faced an early burn out. In 2006, the entrance exam pattern was aligned with the syllabus of class XI and XII aiming at lessening the burden. However, the flawed selection system allowed the al coaching industry to capitalize on the existing loop holes. The IITs felt that the coaching institute ‘manufactured’ entrants were gradually lowering the high standards of the premier engineering colleges. The need to filter out the best young minds became imminent.

We at Meritnation along with nationwide educationists, parents and students heave a collective sigh of relief and welcome the fact that the new selection criterion is aimed at an all-round and holistic learning experience needed to do well in the field of engineering and technology, of which the IIT entrance exam is just a stepping stone. This move will help bring together a batch of students who are genuinely interested in making a mark for themselves and contributing something new to the field of engineering and technology.

Since your class XII syllabus deals with most of the basic concepts needed to do well in the exam, we feel that a sound grasp over the concepts in class XI & XII will definitely keep you in good stead.

While the verdict is still not out on whether the Advanced Test will be a subjective test or an objective (MCQ) one, my guess is that it will be a mix of both, as the IITs who though are in favor of a “grilling” subjective test to be able to ‘pick the best out’, the sheer logistical nightmare of evaluating the responses of 1.5 lakh aspirants, might just make it very difficult.

We believe that if the test becomes even partially subjective, you will have to prepare accordingly. This means that only those who have a strong understanding of the concepts will be able to do well in the exam.

Details of the JEE-Advanced will be discussed in a Joint Admission Board meeting to be held in August. Keep watching this space for all the latest news on IITJEE.

Best wishes,
Praveen Tyagi

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Common test for IITs and other engineering courses from 2013

JEE to be combined with AIEEE, 50 % weightage to class XIIth marks

A common national level test for admission to engineering courses across the country will be introduced from 2013. Under the new scheme, all aspirants will have to take two exams – JEE main and JEE advanced – to be held on the same day. The aspirant’s scores in these 2 exams will determine whether he or she is eligible for admission to the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT), NIITs or IIITs, or other state-funded institutions.

For admission to IITs, 50% weightage will be given to the class XIIth results, while for centrally funded institutions which include NIITs and IIITs, it will be 40%.

The new structure has met stiff opposition from students and the IIT faculty alike. What do you think? Should class XIIth marks be given weightage in the selection process for the engineering entrances?

On the other hand, a student wanting to take admission into an engineering college need no longer sit for three to five entrance tests, but just a single test will do. So for over 15 lakh students who sit for engineering entrance exams every year, can this be seen as welcome move?

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Yet another important milestone in the journey of Meritnation! – India’s leading online education portal for students of classes I- XII is proud to announce the launch of its maiden television campaign! Aimed to create an awareness about its learning resources among parents and students across India, the television commercial highlights the advantage of’s learning resources and how students can score higher marks in their exams by using its interesting multimedia tutorials, fun interactive exercises, practice tests, expert help and a host of other value adding features that are all geared to make school easy.

To view the television commercial click

Pavan Chauhan, CEO, says, “Our objective is to impact the lives of students throughout the country through our quality learning resources and make a difference in the way they study. With over 20 lakh happy users, the process has already started. Our new campaign will assist us reach out to a larger number of students and help them make school easy”

The learning resources by include high-quality online study material for CBSE, ICSE and leading state boards such as Maharashtra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The online resources range from interactive activities, a variety of tests & sample papers to CBSE Proficiency Tests & Olympiad Packs for specific exam requirements. In addition, Meritnation also offers Online Test Packs for entrance exam preparation such as AIEEE, CPT etc.

Meritnation’s interactive Ask & Answer forum allows students to get all their doubts solved with the help of Meritnation experts. Customized learning solutions by, complete with detailed feedback reports, a variety of tests, study material enriched with videos, interactive curriculum-based puzzles and more, help take the ‘weight’ off studies and make studies fun and enjoyable.

Besides the learning and assessment solutions, also provides students the opportunity to gather interesting insights into their personalities. Students can take Meritnation’s online personality, aptitude & interest tests and identify their strengths and weaknesses. The Stream Selector, a scientifically designed tool offers valuable recommendations to students studying in classes IX & X to help them make an informed choice while deciding on their subjects/ stream in class XI.

We at are confident that by using our online resources school will be ‘easy’ and your marks will only soar higher and higher!

Team Meritnation

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Class XII Maths-Important Questions in Unit 1

According to CBSE, the structure of the mathematics board examination is as follows:

Chapter Marks
Relations and Functions
Inverse Trigonometric Functions
Matrices Determinants 13
Continuity and differentiability Applications of derivatives Integration Application of Integrals Differential Equations
Vectors 3-dimensional Geometry 17
Linear Programming

Total 100

Mathematics paper consists of 29 questions divided into three sections A, B and C. Section A comprises of 10 questions of one mark each, Section B comprises of 12 questions of four marks each, and Section C comprises of 7 questions of six marks each.

All questions in section A are to be answered in one word, one sentence or as per the exact requirements of the question.

There is no overall choice. However, internal choice will be provided in 4 questions of four marks each and 2 questions of six marks each. You have to attempt only one of the part in all such questions.

We at Meritnation have analysed the question papers of the last five years. Our study has revealed some trends and patterns which we would like to share with you to enable you prepare in the right direction.
In this article, we will focus on Unit I and present a detailed preparation strategy for you.

UNIT 1 10 marks
Question pattern:

Unit 3 Chapter VSA SA LA Total
1. (a) Relations and Functions 1(1) 4(1) 10(4)
1. (b) Inverse Trigonometric Functions 1(1) 4(1)


Unit 3 Chapter VSA SA LA Total
1. (a) Relations and Functions 4(1) 10(4)
1. (b) Inverse Trigonometric Functions 2(2) 4(1)

We have sorted out important topics on each chapter as given in the above table. You are advised not to miss the topics/areas we are suggesting so that you score the maximum in the ensuing boards exam. The topics/areas are:

Relations and Functions

  • Determine whether a given relation is reflexive/symmetric/transitive/equivalence (or not) and related deductions like finding the set of all elements related with a particular element (Equivalence class)
  • Identifying a given function as injective, surjective or bijective/invertible (or not)
  • Composition of two given functions
  • Formation of binary operation table for a given binary operation, and also showing the binary operation as commutative, associative (or not)
  • Finding the identity element for a binary operation (if exists) and also finding inverse of an element.

Questions asked in previous years

  1. State the reason for the relation R in the set {1, 2, 3} given by R = {(1, 2), (2, 1)} not to be transitive. [1 mark, 2011]
  2. Consider the binary operation * on the set {1, 2, 3, 4, 5} defined by a * b = min. {a, b}. Write the operation table of the operation *.
    [4 marks, 2011]
  3. m1[1 Marks, 2010]
  4. Show that the relation S in the set A = {x ∈ Z: 0 ≤ x ≤ 12} given by S = {(a, b): a, b ∈ Z, |a − b| is divisible by 4} is an equivalence relation. Find the set of all elements related to 1. [4 marks, 2010]
  5. m2[1 Marks, 2009]
  6. m3[4 Marks, 2009]
  7. m4[4 Marks, 2008]


Inverse Trigonometric Functions

  • Evaluation of principal value of a given trigonometric function
  • Proving a given relation using properties of inverse trigonometric functions

Questions asked in previous years


Best of luck!
Team Meritnation

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Tips for CBSE Mathematics Exam – Class 12

Dear Students,

The mathematics Class XII exam is knocking the door. It is high time you pull up socks to give your best in the exam. The performance in the exam depends to a great extent on the effort you put. We are here to act as a catalyst in bringing out the best in you so that you may come with flying colours in the ensuing board exam. We are coming with some important tips that we gleaned from our experience and observation. Now that the exam is in the offing, we offer you some guidelines to be followed in two phases – prior to the exam and during the exam.

Prior to exam:
1. On priority, keep on revising all NCERT questions including the solved examples.   Solve additional exercises from reference books/ once you are thorough with NCERT questions.
2. Practice all the Board questions asked in the last five years (that comes under current syllabi).
3. You are advised to take a mock test on your own by randomly selecting a sample test paper. Stick to the exact duration of the test. Don’t take break in between. Try to simulate the exam conditions as far as possible.
4. On the eve of the exam, go through the math revision notes available at You can write down all the formulas/identities/results to speed up recollection of the same during the exam.

During exam:
1. Proper planning is the key to success. Use the initial 15 minutes to scan the entire question paper and keep on tick marking the questions that you find at your grip. First attempt these questions then the rest.
2. In case you get stuck while solving any question, don’t panic. Leave appropriate space and don’t even cross out some of the steps that you may have written. This will ensure that even if you don’t find time to solve this question, the examiners will give some marks as step wise marking system is followed in this exam.
3. Ensure that graph/figures/diagram/tables vis-a-vis the solution be neat and clean and on the relevant page. It is always better to shade the area under the curve.
4. If you do not have any clue to solve some questions and some time is left out, try to show your effort by writing at least the introductory steps and even sketch out figures/diagrams/tables if relevant to the questions.
5. Do not forget to write the unit in the questions involving dimensions.
6. Always draw lines for rough work on the right hand side of every page. This would minimize the chances of error in noting down the numeric value from rough calculations done on some other page of the answer sheet.
7. Manage your time in such a way that you can have time to check your solutions as it reduces the chances of error.

Some general tips:
1. Extra sheets should be tied in proper order.
2. Enough space should be left in between solutions of two different questions.
3. In questions having two choices, solve only one part.
4. Try to avoid crossing in answer sheet (especially on first page).
5. Remember to carry the required stationery items like scale, protractor, pencil, eraser etc. with you.
6. We advise you to take proper sleep, avoid junk or oily food and take break from at a stretch study. It is better to take energy drink.

We hope our endeavour in providing you with these handy tips will be fruitful to you.

All the Best!
Team Meritnation

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Special Tips for Exams!

Exams are round the corner and most of you must be busy studying hard, sometimes even through the night! A little bit of exam pressure spurs most students on and they report that they are often able to get down to doing some serious studying! It is however important that you do not let exam stress get the better of you. Keep the anxiety in perspective and remember that at the end of the day, it is after all just an exam!

Here are some tips that you might find useful in preparing for your exams-

  • Know your syllabus well. It just might be a good idea to refer to the updated syllabus for your class from the CBSE website just so as to ensure that you have not missed out on any topic.
  • Be thorough with your NCERT textbook. Being completely familiar with all question types from the NCERT text book is good way to study while preparing for your exams, particularly Board Exams.
  • Solve previous years’ Board Papers. Lay your hands on Board Papers from the previous years and practice. Do make sure that the publisher is authentic
  • Understand the marking scheme followed by CBSE. Your familiarity with the marking scheme will help you work along by keeping in mind the marks allotted for the various steps in the correct answer.
  • Avoid last minute cramming. It is important to understand your concepts well if you really want to score high in your exams.
  • Sleep well the day before exams. Getting a good night’s sleep will only help you remember all that you have studied and will help you focus better
  • While writing the exam, pay attention to the number of marks allotted to a question and write your answers accordingly. Just cos’ you may know a lot more than is asked, writing it all down will not fetch you extra marks!
  • Pay particular attention to the key terms used in the question and organize your answer accordingly. For example if the question has ‘Differentiate’ your answer should look different from the answer when the question is ‘Explain’. Simple stuff, yet critical to get those marks!

Best of Luck!
Team Meritnation

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